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"The big moments in life where joy overwhelms you to stunned retrospection may just be beaten by the collective pleasure of day-to-day wool socks", Nick.

tragic greats whose deals we would take


  • Turing
  • Nash
  • Galileo
  • Socrates
  • Newton
  • Lincoln
  • Tupac
  • Van Gogh

absolutely not

  • Poe
  • Caesar
  • Kafka
  • David Foster Wallace
  • Earhart
  • Bonaparte
  • IFC President of Judicial Affairs

201 Roommates

Jo: the sweetest surprise, good level of clean, has a 15% discount at greenstar, asks first, the GREATEST site supporter, the purveyor of truth on chicken, 17, good at Friday morning memes in bed

Juliette: she is so great at living but does she exist during the mornings?

Chaska: the CLEANEST

Puppo: can sometimes sit, often pees on the floor, has the CUTEST walk, EIGHT

Sarah: can always sit, sometimes pees on the floor, has the second CUTEST walk, A+

Nick: See Exhibit A

Exhibit A


Chaska: Good for sitting.

Sarah: B out of 7



Pretty good. Shorter than the others. Opposable (that means you can take it off right?). Good for the thumbs up and thumbs dow. Cannot sit inside nose. Pretty ugly but can be sucked on. 7.3/10 (also good for texting)


Fuck index funds! 1/5


Expressive; sometimes a little to0 much. B+


uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... 34%


I feel similarly about the pinky as I do about Pluto, and Jeb Bush, I wish you were relevant but you're not. Pls clap.

Guy Fieri

AAA, we aren't convinced you can cook, but your fashion sense is impeccable.