What the hecko


So what is this website you might ask? Well if I told you that I would have to bake you a cheesecake, and neither of us wants that. Please poke around and see for yourself. If you get bored/feel humid with this page, I would recommend checking out our about us for some leftover halloween candy, the products have some lovely start up ideas and associated games, we also do freelance reviews and are looking for the next great egg. Happy Thursday!

Things we miss from a past life

  • concerts

  • indoor dining

  • when you go to a frat party in a basement and its so squish that you have to push someone to get through and your shoes stick to the ground and everyone and their mother is there and everyone has hooked up with half of the people there

  • licking people on the street

  • hugs

  • coughing into your hand and then shaking hands with someone

  • strangers

  • breakfast ice cream with your roommates

  • casual sex with strangers

  • going into a restaurant and trying everyones food

  • go inside at a fast food place and put all of the drinks into one cup (they wont let you postmates this)

  • avoiding eye contact with a stranger that you had casual sex with the night before on public transit

  • petting strangers dogs

  • going to Sephora and being able to use samples

  • office banter

A partial and unordered list of the top 10 best feelings

  1. revenge

  2. waking up and realizing you can sleep more

  3. peeing after you have held it for a long time

  4. someone telling you that they love you

  5. accomplishing something

  6. feeling small

  7. fighting in a revolution and winning

  8. the sexy times

  9. getting into a bed with clean sheets

  10. hotel beds

  11. returning to your bed after a trip

  12. concerts

  13. being at the front

  14. Doing dumb stuff, together

Six questions to fall in love

  1. What is the story of the time you had to pee the most?

  2. Were you a Disney or Nickelodeon kid?

  3. How do you feel about Citizens United v. FEC?

  4. How good do you think you would be at sexing chickens?

  5. Were you a cesarean or a vaginal birth?

  6. What's the dumbest thing you've for a boy/girl/assorted other?

  7. Should you celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving?

  8. Were you a nerdfighter?

  9. How many?


  1. If Dog A pees on Dog B, is Dog B the property of Dog A?

  2. If we make enough food in the world, why are people still hungry?

  3. Is Elon Musk hot?

  4. Is it true that the real part of every non-trivial zero of the Riemann zeta function is 1/2?

  5. How do we do something good and something beautiful and also eat good food?

  6. What is the fastest way to make a million dollars?

  7. How do you make someone fall in love with you?