Long term predictions

  • Human driven cars will not be

Start up ideas

Coats that heat themselves.

To-go soysauce containers, but in CONTAINERS, not bags.

Combination washer dryers.


The uno-reverse card

Uber but for cats

Autonomous fly swatter

Shoes but temporary

Our first digital

Our 13th birthday party

Founder, grandma licking the frozen blood of enemies, 2016, colorized


hecko - heck but with an o

pupper - its just a doggo

doggo - large pupper (all doggos are puppers and all puppers are doggos)

foodo - ramen or edamame, sometimes from oishi bowl or mehak, or oaks, 2018, colorized

harold - a field of joy, sometimes there is snow

sound - we heard it once. What do you think it is? We are not sure.

eyebrows - some people have them. Thick, but not for the reason you think.

reasons - for tax purposes

scheme - calendar

healthy sleep schedule - all or nothing

friendship - building a website, watching up during finals, or hearing a sound.

Chaska - a man of math and planes

Sarah - sleepo? never heard of her. And stop calling me surely.

ithaca - we take no responsibility

the marvelous Mrs. Maisel - the reason I got a B+ in financial accounting

JAs - you might get a cake out of it.

sorry - apologies, best in cake form

alpha chee axeo - a place for purple doritos

trees - 5/7

goodbyes - sometimes you gotta run drunk in a hamster onesie to do them