pls hire

uPDAtES: we both sold out !!! but we'll probs both end up back in school just u wait, dad

  1. graphic design is my passion

Looking for someone to become a cog in your capitalist regime? Look no further. We are here to service a multitude of your labor needs!

Sarah Park, 21, 1 mile away

  • Seeking: the kind of job that lets me say "I can't believe I get paid for this shit"
  • can listen to the same song forever probably
  • super great at jumping through hoops, (flames optional)
  • Might convince you to jump off a cliff
  • One time, she ate nothing but green food for a whole day. It was pretty heroic really.
  • was certain that the rolling stones was dead
  • writes words that sound good
  • wants to fight for something
  • opened a pickle jar once (i think)
  • help im a staff writer trapped in this website
  • Skills: sharing toothbrushes, sleeping a lot of a little, concave differentiable optimization for non-holonomic motion planning, recycling
  • one time she heard a sound
  • found 6 words with one brain cell
  • firmly believes that all doggos are puppers
  • super good at doing nothing (still needs 200% stimulation)


  • can do anything, especially airplanes