Games and stuff

bet you can't beat us at tic tac toe

Click on the man to have your fortune told

cheess (like chess but better)

tbu stay tuned



  • they drive screaming
    • How do they drive in Sarah's car?
  • feet blood sausage always bitter
    • What are they serving for thanksgiving?
  • Sweet music whispers to a drunk symphony
    • What do they say when Billie pees?
  • Fluffy enormous luscious missed suit
    • What did Chaska wear to career fair
  • Bare worship of delirious monkey
    • What does the apartment do on sundays?
  • I lather like milk my sordid moon
    • Do you often take baths?
  • All things love
    • What is the Pythagorean theorem?
  • I will play you
    • a song Mr. piano man
  • How do you mad?
    • Slowly, and then all at once
  • Have fast mean pant
    • What does billy think when she poo poos on the floor?
  • Mother, push.
    • Where do babies come from?
  • Dressed up with breast meat in bed
    • Nick, what's the temperature today?
  • I no like mess
    • What does drunk Jojo hate the most in the world?