About Chaska

"If synonyms exist, we messed up" - cy

Here's the starter pack for all u new folk.

Chaska Frederick Yamane


  • Hails from Clairemont, California which is why he's an avocado snob, wears sandals in the snow, and is, for all intents and purposes, "chill"
  • He likes to make beautiful math. This is not an innuendo. It means he likes to figure out how to use math to study "deeply human concepts such as aesthetic and semantics". But all you really need to know is that he's in distributed computing and he beat the curve on the last exam.
  • He washes his feet before sleeping
  • In 5 years, Chaska will most likely be up in the mountains starting his restaurant "serving only organic, locally sourced, regionally and seasonally appropriate farm-to-table cuisine with a commitment to sustainability, environmental ethics, and social and community responsibility" or completing his PhD


  • Chaska hails from a famiglia of academics, which means his Cornell education was a major letdown to the Yamanes, so he had to get a two for one deal.
    • The OGs: Mama Chaska does the econs and the Asian expectations of children; Papa Chaska ALSO does the econs, sends exceptional emails and is currently in Japan; Papa Papa Chaska is in Brazil living his best life at Universidade do Estado do Amazonas doing the research
    • The Sibs: Cory is playing baseball at the colleges and lil lady Chaska is starting her #rebellious phase
  • Chaska LOVES his CUAIRians, but especially Sitar

"It shouldn't be that hard to do something beautiful and do something good" - cy

The important stuff

  • His meme taste is left of mainstream but not entirely avant garde
  • He will do all the nice things for you like clean the apartment after parties he never asked for and deliver you the folders you leave at home even though you say you'll come home to get them
  • His whipping skills have increased significantly since his senior year commenced. As did his screaming skills
  • He has no patience for the bad foods
  • For best results, please preheat at 350 degrees and keep all major surfaces free of the things. Allow him time to do his homework and make Markov Chains, then he will reward you with good Wegman's trips and accompany you to the pretty things. Salt to taste. But only Maldon salt we're not heathens.
  • He sometimes develops a third eyelash after Sarah or Jo goes out
  • He's quite good at naming things
  • What do you think the ceiling wire is? Because I think it's aliens
  • His favorite John is Hopcroft
  • He lacks object permanence

His good phrases

  • Use case
  • For tax purposes
  • William
  • You make a good point